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Alexander von Humboldt

The Kids Globe International Academy is neither a school nor a university, but it contains elements of both. We would like to form working partnerships with the widest possible range of educational establishments to seek - and implement - new educational approaches and methods. Kids Globe is more like a laboratory. We do not give precedence to any particular pedagogical method, but bring together diverse social forces, out of which - as in a laboratory process - we extract the best.

Our society has enormous educative potential, containing within it a wide variety of fascinating people who have something to say and to communicate. Education has many different faces. Someone with a rich experience of life has been shaped by their experience and has something to pass on to others. The splendid group of buildings at Grabowsee gives us extraordinary possibilities for inviting interested and interesting people to spend time and share their talents and life experience with us. That should not be taken to mean that we are thinking of setting up an establishment of lay educators. We want to bring together the experience and talents of both ‘lay’ and ‘expert’ persons. We are sure that this mix will enable us to create an approach to education which is soundly-based and constructive, but which also enjoys experimenting - allowing us a fruitful engagement with the issue which is of such importance to our society: discovering approaches to education which are both forward-looking and fully appropriate to the needs of our time.

Our appeal for working partnerships is extended in particular to parents, who have gained an enormous wealth of experience in bringing up their children - experience which is often not recognized or exploited.


We place great importance on the working together of different generations; on collaboration between the young and those of mature age and in retirement. No-one else has such a wealth of experience and abilities as these. Many retired people want to remain active; we will invite them to get involved with us and bring their life experience to Kids Globe.

The fundamental working concept of our Academy is the high-quality interaction and interpenetration of theory and practice. We offer a wide range of courses, training, seminars and workshops in line with that working concept, bearing in mind at all times their practical application to real-world needs.

The Academy Building with space for the Library is part of the Grabowsee Estate.

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