Hans-Joachim Laesicke

A New Era for Grabowsee

Only a few kilometres from the town centre of Oranienburg lies the idyllically situated former sanatorium of Grabowsee. Today, the 30 or so buildings of this impressive estate have the feel of an enchanted castle from a fairytale, still waiting for the sleeping princess to awaken. But now it seems as if this story might soon have a happy ending, just as in the fairytale. I feel sure that before long children’s laughter will ring out from the shores of the romantic Grabowsee lake, and that the estate will be filled with bustling life. I can’t think of a better use for this unique, almost hundred-year-old collection of buildings, nestling in the heart of the ancient landscape of the Brandenburg Mark. The Kids Globe International Academy is about to launch a new era for the Grabowsee.

Since the publication of the first PISA study in 2000, education has been a hot topic. One major result has been the search for new educational approaches. The Kids Globe Association has set itself the ambitious task of breaking new ground in preparing young people to meet the challenges of modern life more effectively, by bringing about the urgently necessary integration of theory and practice in education.

Against the background of the very varied history of Oranienburg, I have an especially high regard for the Kids Globe project’s intention to relate not only to the town, but to the whole region and the wider world in pursuance of its international commitment. In Oranienburg we are looking forward to the day - hopefully soon - when we can welcome children and young people from all over the world to our town.

I offer this ambitious project my very best wishes and hopes for its success. I am more than happy to support it in any way that I can.

Hans-Joachim Laesicke
Former Mayor of Oranienburg

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