The Academy's 2nd Year: 2022

Educational / cultural work

In the second year we will expand the work with the children and young people, with an increase in the number of school classes and courses. We will then be working with up to 60 pupils from across Germany and its adjoining countries e.g. Poland, the Czech Republic and Denmark.

The programme covers:

Site planning office

Planned building work for 2020:


Start of renovation / modernisation:

Enclosed courtyard:

The grounds

The parts of the estate on which there are no buildings are included in the “Upper Havel Lowlands Conservation Area”. The nature conservancy authorities require us to produce a plan for the use of these areas. Nature conservancy is for us an integral part of our approach to education and culture, so we will involve the children and young people in the creation and implementation of the nature conservancy plan.

Farming and gardening

In the second year we will begin to grow fruit and vegetables in the cultivable areas at the southern end of the estate. We will plant a range of fruit trees.


We will organise a symposium on the theme of New Approaches to Education with invited experts from around the world.

Big Public Presentation

A big public presentation is planned for May 2022.


as for 2020 / 21.

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