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Bringing the Academy into Being

Kids Globe has a fantastic opportunity to realise its dream of creating the Kids Globe International Academy. It has an option on the amazing Grabowsee Estate - a really extensive property covering no less than 340,000 square metres of land in a wonderful lakeside setting and containing some 30 distinctive buildings.

Its sheer size will be a tremendous asset in the longer term, but for the immediate future it is important to avoid trying to do too much too soon: we have to be realistic about how much we can take on, so the general development plan envisages dividing the work to be done into smaller, manageable components. We do not have a ‘master plan’ based on a utopian vision of the future - the past 27 years has seen several of those, all of which failed. Kids Globe is following an approach which is more realistic and manageable in the current climate: we are not abandoning our ambitious goals, but will try to implement them in realistically manageable stages. So we don’t have a 10-year plan, or even a 5-year one; instead we set out below how we think we can practically proceed over the next 3 years.

The Kids Globe Concept, the product of two years of detailed planning work, is divided into two parts - the Project Outline and the Draft Finance Proposal. We had discussions with around 35 professionals and invited suggestions for an outline plan. The resulting Project Outline takes into account all the elements necessary to ensuring a successful launch of the Academy.

The links below take you to the broad outlines of the development plan for the first 3 years: the preparatory phase, making the buildings wind- and watertight, preliminary construction work in connection with the site planning office, the educational/cultural work, the symposium, the public presentations, the creation of the charitable foundation, through to the ongoing documentation:

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